IOE Statement on the aggression against Ukraine

4. March, 2022

The International Organisation of Employers (IOE) strongly condemns the unilateral use of armed force, wherever it occurs, which disrupts world peace, the global multilateral order, and territorial integrity, values on which the United Nations was built. It urges the Russian Federation to immediately and unconditionally respect the territorial integrity, borders, and sovereignty of Ukraine. These are the same values that the world business community, through IOE, respects, and works tirelessly to uphold. These values are also the fundamental pillars for prosperity and the economic and social development achieved in recent decades, unknown in previous eras.

IOE expresses its solidarity with the plight of the Ukrainian people, its companies, and its workers and is ready to mobilise the employer community to contribute aid, call for the opening and respect for humanitarian corridors.

IOE expresses its deep concern about the catastrophic consequences of a large-scale conflict on world peace, economic and employment growth, social welfare, and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

It equally calls attention and warns about the brake that such a scenario generates in investment, trade integration, and innovation. IOE is committed, through its free, independent, and representative organisations, to open channels of dialogue to generate a climate of cooperation and understanding to restore world peace.