The Employers’ Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) is the most influential and largest employers’ organisation in Latvia. For more than 30 years we have been representing employers’ interests in social dialogue with the state and trade unions, advising and recommending actions that can help the growth of business, the economy and, consequently, society.

The new brand marks a new phase in our work, where we preserve values, modernise processes and strive for results.

The main colours chosen for the new logo highlight the areas of activity of the LDDK. Crimson red as the colour of Latvia and the link to the country and its business environment. Dark blue reflects leadership, competence, integrity and responsibility. A strong business environment that fosters human capital development means a strong and growth-oriented economy. Light turquoise as the employers’ shade, energising and balancing, and light blue as the confederation’s shade, symbolising openness, cohesion and cooperation among members towards rational solutions.

The lion of the Latvian coat of arms, used until now, has been retained in the new branding, telling the story of the organisation’s years of experience, as well as the strength, wisdom and leadership that entrepreneurs possess.

We will continue to strengthen Latvia’s business environment, promoting its competitiveness and growth both nationally and internationally. At the same time, the transition to the new brand also symbolises a changed and improved approach to the activities of the LDDK, emphasising the areas of relevance to entrepreneurs and the country – forging, attracting and retaining talented professionals in Latvia, reducing bureaucracy, improving the tax environment, promoting innovation, sustainability, international cooperation and competitiveness.

The use of the logo should be coordinated with the Public Relations Manager of the LDDK by sending an application to the e-mail [email protected]